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Imagine "getting" Precession, Frequency Encoding, Phase Encoding, Dephasing, Tensor Imaging and Larmor Equation without memorizing!
What if you really understood FID, T1, T2, Flip Angle, Refocusing, Gradients, Faraday's Law, and Spin Echo?
Now you CAN!  At IMIT we're committed to extra-ordinary results. So you can be your best with ease. Naturally. 


  • IMIT offers continuing education In MRI, CT, PET-CT, PET, US, and General Radiography. 
  • Tired of reading book after book? Surfing web after web? Getting even more confused and frustrated? Who wouldn't be? 
  • Now imagine a line up of exemplary faculty. LIVE. Some that helped develop first generation MRI and CT scanners! Now imagine being swept away with their passion for education and patient care - it's available NOW! We have 8,000 customers to prove it! 
  • Sick of memorizing? Who wouldn't be? Now imagine "getting" MR and CT from basics! With hands on experiential learning augmented with effective laboratory demonstrations that utilize NLP principles and structural learning: See and Learn!
  • Overwhelmed by the complexity? What if you get to "see" Larmor Equation come alive by watching The Proton Model in a Bo-field? What if you can literally see "Interaction of Radiation with Matter" right before your eyes! What if you truly get "Filtered Back projection" and "Fourier Transform?" Now you can! Only at IMIT. We are experts in education - not memorization and word association! So "architect" your future. Build a strong foundation. Invest in yourself. Take Action.
  • Feel a bit overwhelmed at work? Or disempowered by circumstances? Rekindle that flame! Take Action. Design your very own coaching! Be it MRI, CT, PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging, Radiation Safety or Medical Informatics. Contact us today with dates YOU pick. We will respond within 48 hours. 


Since 1989. This personalized coaching builds confidence and a strong foundation in MRI.  As we coach you on the fundamentals of MRI physics and instrumentation, you get to learn image formation, pulse sequences, and clinical applications. You'll identify areas of strength, as well as areas that need further reinforcement. The copyrighted laboratory demonstrations are unique to IMIT and form the foundation of your blossoming MR expertise. Eight thousand satisfied customers. Just so you know many actually have broke down and sobbed at their struggles in the past and how beautiful MRI really is. Take a stand for your future. $495

Since 1981. We begin with a review of the basic principles of CT. Materials covered include system components, image formation, reconstruction process and factors affecting resolution, noise, dose, image artifacts and current developments. Helical and multi-detector CT (MDCT) will be presented along with their benefits and challenges. Will go over quality control, ACR accreditation, Radiation dosimetry, Clinical applications and Registry. Several Thousands have benefited. Many maintain contact with us and have us return for a refresher or when they recruit new folks.  $495

Nuclear Medicine

Since 1981. Review basic principles of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Interaction of radiation with matter, pulse height analysis and related topics round out the fundamentals of radionuclide imaging. Review will include gamma cameras, SPECT, PET, PET-CT, radio-pharmaceuticals, and principles of radio-tracer uptake/ localization. Recent developments in physics, radio-pharmaceuticals, molecular imaging, and applications in Oncology will be reviewed. Radiation safety - including a brief review of NRC regulations - will round out managing a quality program.   $495

Molecular Imaging NEW! 
Many modalities are used for Molecular Imaging. SPECT, PET, PET-CT and MRI are the modalities of focus in this training. MI enables visualization of cellular function in vivo, hence the excitement. Review of current status of MI will include equipment and modalities used, bio-markers used, as well as clinical applications in diagnosis and staging of cancer, and neurological and cardiovascular diseases. $495

In response to requests from hospitals, imaging centers, physician groups and corporations, we design, formulate and deliver seminars in your department. The rewards are numerous, and huge, and the savings substantial. Click on the link for details

CD: Seminars

This CD is a replica of the power point presentation of the seminar. MRI or CT. Includes videos of selected laboratory demonstrations. Contents are copyright protected. You agree not to copy, or distribute, or reproduce the disc or its contents.  You must sign an intellectual property right agreement prior to shipment of product. $795

CD: Registry Review

This CD contains over three hundred questions covering topics reviewed in the live seminar. They are given in power point format. After you had a chance to answer a given question, the correct answer is displayed. The CD is thus formatted as electronic flashcards. MRI or CT. Contents are copyright protected. You agree not to copy, or distribute, or reproduce the disc or its contents. You must sign an intellectual property right agreement prior to shipment of the product.$795

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